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Today’s theme on WordPress Photography 101 is water.

I’m not even sure where to start on this theme.

How about my Pinterest Board?

Yeah. Former competitive swimmer, lifeguard, swim instructor, varsity swimmer, coach …

Much of my life has been around pools and beaches and water.

So when I had kids, I couldn’t wait to go swimming with them.

We go at least once a week.

And both my kids – now 5 and 2 – love the water.

When I saw this theme, my mind immediately went to this picture that my father took of my eldest three years ago.


We call it: “The Little Intrepid”.

This is a scan of the framed copy we have because my father has the electronic version and is on holidays.

He’s quite the amateur photographer – he even had a bird photo printed in the local paper once – so this is NOT taken with an iPhone.

His hobby gives him and my husband – Mr. Professional Photog – something to talk about where my husband feels he has the upper hand.

Because my dad? Well, he just designed satellites for a living. I’ve been told that was kind of intimidating to suitors.

But getting back to my iPhone and today’s assignment, we were encouraged to shoot our water shots both horizontally and vertically.

So I took a break from work this afternoon and wandered down to the Remic Rapids – about 10 minutes from my office tower.

Last summer I discovered there was a Rock Art Exhibit there by artist John Ceprano, who has been doing rock art there since 1986. I posted about this discovery at the time as part of my weekly thankfuls here.

The exhibit wasn’t active today, but some of the rock sculptures remain.

I took two horizontal shots:


And then I took one vertical shot:


I then – with active instruction from hubby (I’m starting to think this project might be good for our marriage: couple time and all that) – turned it black and white – and think the effect is pretty good:


Among other things, I like how it makes the back trees suddenly look like a big wave.

So that’s my contribution for today.

But enough about rocks and waves, let’s get back to my Little Intrepid.

We had a bit of a milestone tonight.

Wednesday night is our swim night. How’s that for water themes aligning? My eldest has her swimming lesson and then – usually with Grandma (but she’s on holidays with amateur photographer Grandpa) – the girls and I stay for open swim for the hour following her lesson.

Anyway, tonight was the last night of session. So Report Cards!

My daughter is currently splish splashing through the City of Ottawa Preschool Swim Program for three to five-year olds.

There are five levels:


Credit: Images compiled from the City of Ottawa Recreation Website

She’s passed Sea Otter and has been in Salamander (sidebar – how is a salamander a better swimmer than a sea otter?) so long that I took her out of lessons for a while because I figured she just wasn’t developmentally ready to back float for a while and no amount of instruction was going to change that.

But we made some leaps over the summer so I signed her back up this fall.

And tonight?

She passed!

And is now a Sunfish.


Camera_dolly_buttonWoo hoo! I’m out.

Remember to check out yesterday’s post and cast a vote to name poor Dolly Doe our co-host.

Think of it as your small way to effective positive change in the life of a completely inanimate object.

And until next time?

Just keep swimming 🙂

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