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If you noticed my complete absence from the blog this week, it’s because I had a rather over the top busy non-blog week this week.

The last two have been pretty chaotic and I actually remembered this post last Saturday. Re-blogging it today feels about right.

A year and a bit out from this post, my perspective isn’t really that difference. I’m getting a bit better at the juggling and figuring out where best to focus my time but – yeah – this is still a fairly accurate representation of life.

Happy Friday and here’s to the FREAKIN’ Weekend!

Baby Gates Down

Let’s see….

What did I want to accomplish last week?

In no particular order:

  • Get back on track for diet and exercise (ie: gym, cooking meals, bringing lunch to work)
  • Finally get through unit five of my distance education macroeconomics course
  • Finish/keep up with a gazillion various things at work
  • Pick up kids from daycare/aftercare on time (while accomplishing above bullet)
  • Grocery shop (because we need to eat)
  • Go out with friends Tuesday (because it’s important to maintain and nurture friendships)
  • Make sure 4-year-old remembers her item for show and tell
  • Math Is Fun! night out Wednesday with my 4-year-old (because individual bonding time with each of your children is important + school flagged math as area for improvement)
  • Keep house looking like a bomb hasn’t gone off
  • Practice with 4-year-old for show and tell
  • Get back to searching for that new car we can’t afford (head in sand; head in sand; head in…

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