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So back in June 2014, Eli from Coach Daddy asked if I was interested in guest posting…

Was I ever! I’d never been asked to guest post before; had been blogging for a year; was figuring stuff out and hoo-ah! I’d arrived!

– 1992’s Scent of a Woman

As a note: Endless amusement from Google when after typing in “Whoo-ahh Al Pacino gifs” it helpfully asked me “Do you mean Hoo-hah Al Pacino gifs?” and then offered me more than the above selection. Sure! I love the Internet.

And I love Eli’s blog. It’s a great mix of parenting and sports with well placed humour, advice and enough Star Wars and other pop culture references to make me continually come back. With his 6-words features and guest bloggers, he builds community in a way that really makes the blogosphere a better place for us all to play in.

But he’s a popular fellow, and quickly realized his dance card was full for 2014. So we talked about a post in 2015.

And I thought to myself, yeah – I need motivation to keep blogging – yes! I will post for you in April of 2015!

Today’s the day! Head on over there to read a few tales from my competitive swim days and my reflections now as a parent.


Mermaid photo from here: http://hdwallpaperfun.com/screensaver/1024×768-dolphins-and-mermaid-free-hd-widescreen-wallpapers-4575.html. Lane rope overlay courtesy of arztsamui of Freedigitalphotos.net

I talk about my memories of crazy sports parents with no April Fools intended.

I’m not that creative and couldn’t make them up if I tried.

Hope you enjoy. And take a moment to share some tips for the next generation.