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So a few weekends ago, Lizzi tweeted a polite little poke:

My guilt apparently got the better of me in response:

And while I know this to be true; I also know that I have – at times in the hectic of recent months – forgotten to pause on the good things.

And it’s important to do so – or you might forget how awesome they are buried among the general stress of life.

So here goes:

I’m BEYOND thankful that daycare was closed today and so I was forced to take the day off work and spend it with my kids (Thankful #1).

Biking_cropIt was a great day: sunny and warm. And my youngest and I started it by escorting my eldest to school on her bike. My youngest kept up on her trike and I followed on foot, then escorted my eldest’s bike back home.

She just got her bike two weeks ago and now looks for any chance to ride. And THIS was her first chance to ride her bike to school and show it off to her friends.

She looked forward to it all week. So I’m thankful we got to do it (Thankful #2).

I’m thankful I then got to spend a large part of the day with my brother and sister-in-law and my one-year-old nephew who are in town from Edmonton this week (Thankful #3). With the busy of work, it was nice to just have a good unstructured chunk of hang-out time. And watching my youngest play with her cousin was great. My sister-in-law has also recently become a Mary Kay consultant so she practiced her facial skills on myself and my two-year-old (who I SWEAR now has the skin of a one-year-old!).

I’m thankful I got to them pick my eldest up from school. We then went to hang at the park with a bunch of the other kids from her school. I chatted with one parent I hadn’t seen since my last week off; met some other parents; and then we bumped into my neighbour and her grandson on the walk home and headed over to their place to BOUNCY CASTLE for a bit. It was a great afternoon (Thankful #4).

I’m thankful for fairy tales and movie nights with my daughters (Thankful #5). We’ve recently been on a bit of a fairy tale kick having watched Maleficent, The Snow Queen and Mirror Mirror. I like how they all – to a certain extent – show the perspective of the “bad guy”. It’s made for some good conversation.


I’m thankful for a recent Twitter milestone (Thankful #6). *Drumroll* – I recently passed 1000 follows. I know it’s silly – but it felt like a moment. I like the Twitter playground and the tweeps I’ve met 🙂


I’m thankful I’ve made time to rediscover reading this year (Thankful #7) – and am almost through my 21st book of the year! Currently reading Fang Girl by Helen Keeble, which I think is part of what is my favourite sub-genre (if that’s what it actually is) of vampire fiction: Humorous Vampire Lit!

Fang_GirlPremise: 15-year-old vampire fiction fan Xanthe Jane wakes up in a coffin and discovers she’s a vampire. Like any rational 15-year-old, once escaping she runs home to her parents, who buried her a few months prior, so that’s a bit of a shock. But they are paternal and try to help – dad tries to feed her live gerbils, fish, raw meat etc…; her goth/steam punk 12-year-old brother is convinced she’s a zombie; mom takes blood samples and injects and accidentally turns the fish (who little bro has named Braaaiiiins) into a vampire; her sire, a vampire hunter, and another group of vamps are all after her (one of which researched her vampire fan fic, so comes dressed in leather and velvet, claiming to be a French noble, looking all tortured and broody).

It’s all sorts of awesome.

I’m also thankful for the movie rental store (Thankful #8). Once finishing the book, I rented the Book of Negroes miniseries; recently got through Dracula Untold; and am looking forward to Divergent later this week (read that book last weekend).

I’m thankful that I haven’t seen an ant in my bathroom for THREE DAYS now (Thankful #9).


And here’s the bloggy biggy: I’m thankful to be attending my first blog conference this weekend (Thankful #10). Starting bright and early tomorrow morning, I’ll be learning stuff at the BConnected Conference. I’ve made business cards and EVERYTHING. Makes blogging feel just that much more officially cemented in my life.

I’ll let you know what I learn.

ef3ca-tenthingsbannerWhat are you thankful for this week?

Link up with the Ten Things of Thankful Crowd and share the good!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Spring.

I’m SO thankful for spring (that one’s a bonus!)