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Last October, I had some seasonal fun on the blog as I revisited my early love of vampires while doing a Vampire A to Z in the week leading up to Halloween.

By way of quick background, I discovered them back in the early 1990s.

Before they sparkled.

That said, they were already all with the tortured souls, because – at least in the way Anne Rice wrote them – eternity will do that to you.

They weren’t yet showing up at teenage girls’ doors with flowers on prime time (although that series had already been written) …


Stefan Salvatore – played by Paul Wesley in the Vampire Diaries.

…but they were sprucing themselves up on the way out of their coffins with broody intent beyond a simple meal.

Links to source.

Or not. Tom Cruise’s Lestat from 1994’s Interview with the Vampire. Links to source.

Teenage and twenty-something me loved vampires.

From the moment I picked up Dracula at fifteen…

…until the moment I read Twilight.

I have written here before about my dislike of Twilight.

For this post, suffice to say it turned me off the genre for about a decade.

Then last year, I decided to do a Vampire A to Z – a bit of an homage to teenage and twenty-something me – pulling from my not unsubstantial library of vampire fiction and film.

A few of you followed along (THANK YOU).

It was a lot of Anne Rice and Buffy along with the greats: Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory and Polidori, a touch of Tarantino, and some of the new teen vamps thrown in for good measure.

All in all, it helped remind what I loved about the genre and I’ve since spent the last year catching up.

So, starting this Thursday, Baby Gates Down grows fangs for the second year running.

First, I’ll be re-blogging some of my past vampire posts and then in the week before Halloween, there will be a new Vampire A to Z for 2015.

That’s right! 26 new entries to honour Halloween.

And to show how much I’ve grown? No Buffy.

But first … I need to re-introduce my dolly co-host.

My 3 and 6-year-old daughters both love her and I’m thrilled she’s joining us again this year. I give you: Draculaura*, of Monster High fame!


According to Monster High lore, she’s Dracula’s daughter. How’s that for royal pedigree?

My top doll has also gotten back in the spirit again for the rest of the month. And if you are worried about him getting scared or cold hanging in the graveyard, in a rare dry-eyed moment, Crying Dolly* admitted to me that he’s thrilled we’re doing this again and grateful for the change of scenery. He’s also developed an obsession with Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series, which he maintains is better than Vampire Academy.

He’s hopeful he might find something new this year. I hope you do too. And I hope those who comment also lead me to some new discoveries in the genre again this year.

As wish last year, if there are any of you out there who might like to play along and take a few guesses as to who might be featured, here’s a handy worksheet to see us through the month:

Vampire A_Zlist_Blank2015

Until then, if you are eager for a bit of vampire fun, might I direct you to my Vampire Pinterest Board? Again, it may continue to grow in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you over the next couple weeks! Remember to bring your crosses, holy water and garlic.

Happy Halloween! Let’s have some fun!

*Disclaimer: In case there is any concern or confusion, I just want to let you know that I don’t actually know Draculaura and I don’t talk to or have any live interaction with her or Crying Dolly – or any other dollies – except when I’m playing with my girls, or apparently having a bit of fun here on the Blog. I invite you to join me in suspending disbelief.