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Draculaura_2015So do you know what I LOVE about blogging?

The continuing education aspect.

For example, did you know that you can’t reblog something you have already reblogged?

I didn’t until tonight.

Because I wanted to reblog my first – and still one of my most popular – vampire posts for you.

But I couldn’t.

Because: already done. And WordPress apparently gives you ONE reblog.

Oh COME ON! Links to source.

Oh COME ON! Links to source.

To that I say?


Here’s my first vampire post. From Oct. 2013.

To quote Dracula, the most famous of the undead (and save you the clickbait when you get there), I bid you good evening!

And then …


I give you…

… Five – in my opinion – REALLY good – vampire related songs or mixes.  Then for a few kicks at the end – two bonuses for fun.

Ready? View my original vampire post here.