Today’s vampire post builds on what I gave you yesterday. Here’s five more vampire-themed songs to keep the party going. I particularly love that I found a Depeche Mode vampire song. I think it’s simply beautiful when different passions/obsessions collide 🙂

Baby Gates Down

So today we’re doing something sort of special here at Baby Gates Down on our Musical A to Z.

Moody Blythe, my musical Dolly Co-Host, has invited Draculaura, my All-Things-Vampire Dolly Co-Host, to join us for the Letter V.

Because what else could the Letter V really be for here other than Vampire?

Here they are playing together nicely in that same creepy way Disney Princesses do in those promo group pics where they pose together without ever really looking at each other:


But I swear, having spent time with both individually and now as a group as we, you know, spit-balled and threw shit up on white boards and flip charts and stuff as we tossed ideas around for this post, I can attest to them actually getting along.

So vampire music…

Here’s the thing.

I’ve kind of done this already. Heck, it’s one of my most popular posts…

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