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So tonight – two weeks out from Halloween – I begin sharing last year’s Vampire A to Z in the lead up to launching this year’s new list of 26 starting next Sunday. I hope you enjoy my first four selections from last year!

Baby Gates Down

Draculaura_buttonSo let’s get this monster party started.

Draculaura and I are pleased to bring you the first four in our Vampire A to Z.

If I can just say, by way of quick introduction, I tried to choose from a variety of vampire fiction and lore.

I obviously have my favourites, which will become clear (and already are if you’ve read me previously).

And I admit there are some movies, series and so forth that I have skipped completely. Some, because the letter was already taken by another I thought was a better choice, others because there is simply so much vampire … stuff … out there that I can’t possibly know about it all.

I look forward to educating comments.

So with that said…

A_for_ArmandA is for Armand from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

The Vampire Chronicles are a series of books revolving mainly around a vampire named Lestat. Armand…

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