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Please welcome letters S through V in last year’s Vampire A to Z here on Baby Gates Down. This post was a great mix, if I do say so myself, featuring my favourite vamp (go ahead and guess) as well as a solid mix of non-teen vampire fare.

Tune in tomorrow for the end of last year’s A to Z!

Baby Gates Down

Draculaura_buttonSo it’s Day 6 of our Vampire A to Z over here at Baby Gates Down.

We’re down to the last eight letters. Hopefully, if I’ve left you wanting so far, I can satiate whatever your vampire fan craving might be in the next two days.

As for me? Letter S pretty much covers that.

Spike_ButtonS is for Spike. Hands down my favourite vampire.

Welcome back to the Buffyverse. For those who’ve never seen the show, I sincerely think you should book November off work and curl up on your couch for a seven season non-stop marathon.

Then do the five seasons of Angel.

Hell, the show ended in 2003 and I still go back and re-watch seasons and pieces of it.

But getting back to Spike – there’s so much to enjoy in this character.

First? A brief history: he’s sired in 19th century England by Drusilla (another awesome vampire, but “D” was taken). In life he was…

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