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Here was the concluding post from 2014’s Vampire A to Z on Baby Gates Down. I hope you enjoy it! Tomorrow please join us as we launch the 2015 A to Z featuring 26 new vampire entries for the week leading up to Halloween.

Baby Gates Down

Draculaura_buttonIt’s day 7 – our final day on the Vampire A to Z where I geeked out for a week in celebration of Halloween.

But it’s not over yet. Draculaura and I are so happy to have ONE MORE DAY!

Oh! and Happy Halloween!

With that said, let’s get to it.

BuffyandGiles_buttonW is for Watcher, which, regardless of your thoughts on Buffy, I think was an excellent addition to vampire lore.

In the Buffyverse, where “into every generation, a Slayer is born….” that chosen one is assigned a Watcher, who is a member of a secret organization called the Watchers’ Council, whose goal is to prepare the Slayer to fight the forces of evil.

Buffy’s first and main Watcher is Rupert Giles, who is also Sunnydale High’s librarian for the first three seasons. In addition to normal high school fare, his library also houses numerous books on the occult which no one except…

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