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Thought I’d send out a quick reblog today and update on my golfing journey… Since this post I’ve been out a few more times, and am playing a last best ball tournament again this afternoon before the golf season officially ends in Ottawa.

Today, we’re all playing on behalf of the Carleton Raven’s Football Team as part of Panda Weekend. So go Ravens! And please wish me golf luck!

Baby Gates Down

Don’t laugh.

It’s a thing.

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And if you are wondering who Sam Snead is? He was kind of a big deal in golf. I’ve even eaten at a Sam Snead Tavern adjacent to a course in the Poconos. A quick Google search also showed me that it wasn’t the only golf pub named after him.

I have spent a lot of time in and around golf courses over the years.

While managing to completely avoid playing.

It started as simple disinterest.

Growing up, my family used to vacation each summer at a resort with a small five hole golf course.

All the other kids would be busy learning to play while me and my girlfriend sat on the course and chatted. Sometimes feigning interest, but mostly completely ignoring everything except the nice weather and whatever it was we were talking about.

Besides, I wasn’t a golfer. I was a competitive…

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