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So this weekend my husband and I successfully hosted a birthday party for 10 little girls and one boy.

Our eldest turns seven this month.

And like the martini glass says? Here’s to another year of fabulous!


Funny side bar? I bought one of these for each of my daughters because earlier last week we had an incident where my four-year-old broke a real one and felt terrible. So plastic? Amazing, right? My eldest managed to break this one.

But getting back to the party. My eldest knew EXACTLY what she wanted this year: a party at the movie theatre.

So, like a good mom (or stork – which will totally be funnier in a second), I delivered.

We booked the party room at the local movie theatre and took them all to see …

… Storks!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a clip:

It went over very well with the 6-7 year-old crowd.

And I got just a little teary at the end.

Only critique of the cinema? Two different people on the phone assured me they organized games for the kids in the party room after the movie.


So I had to pull on my repertoire of games from my swim instructor days.

Between that, hot dogs, french fries, ice cream cake and my daughter’s organizational zest, it worked well.

And the last pièce de résistance?

Which I’m totally proud of – and managed to put together at Party City in 15 minutes flat so I could make a golf game on time (because women really can do it all dammit!)?

Friendship themed loot bags:

Grade 2 Loot Bags!

Grade 2 Loot Bags!

We’ve got Shopkins candy, My Little Pony Friendship stickers, friendship bracelets, cute little notepads, multi-coloured pencils and erasers and the finishing touch: a Beanie Boo. Because, as I’ve discovered, nothing says BFFs in my daughter’s circle quite like the exchange of these little stuffies that are then attached to your schoolbag like the dog tags of elementary school friendship pride and belonging.

You might notice the little Spiderman one in there for the sole male guest at the party. I hope he liked it.

Getting back to girl world, we had to return to the store the day after the party and buy the owl again (Her name is “Pinky”. For real. Their names are on their tags.) because my 4-year-old called dibs on that one, but my eldest “accidentally” gave that loot bag to a friend. At the same time we bought another plastic martini glass for my eldest to replace the one she had broken. She broke it again before leaving the store so we gave up on that bit of fabulous.

Now back to the party. One last “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm” moment (that I kind of loved). I arrived to the party room to find it set up as follows:

Ninja Turtles!
Suffice to say, my daughter’s crowd wasn’t too big on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we now have 10 of these figurines at home (because not one of them took theirs home).

This, of course, has just motivated me to sit them through some classic TMNT for our next movie night because I certainly think there is plenty of room for bad nineties rap and ninja skills in girl world.

I’ll report back on whether we make it through that one. As for me, I know I’ll love it. Heck, I remember singing it through a megaphone at Westboro Beach with my head lifeguard (also a girl) on a rain day as we killed time. And watching now I confirmed I STILL know all the words.

How was your weekend? Any birthday party tips as I move forward?