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MusicalmusingsSo here’s the song that started this whole conversation – and this whole week of posts.

It was a week ago Tuesday and my 7-year-old – filled with an exhaustion beyond her years – looked at me and said:

Mom, I wish it were Friday.

And I said:

There’s a song for that.

I dutifully whipped out my Cure collection and played:

I remember when Friday I’m in Love came out. It was 1992 and I was in High School. I’d already discovered Depeche Mode, and didn’t understand Nirvana, so I guess I had decided moody British bands were my thing. I already knew the Cure as the band who did the Spiderman song (1989 – actually called Lullaby).

But there’s nothing moody about this one. Robert Smith, the song’s primary writer, described it as “a throw your hands in the air, let’s get happy kind of record”.

It was a hit with my kids. We played it Tuesday and danced around the living room. Then I pulled it out for the drive to school on Friday.

My eldest had the following to say about that:

We should play this every Friday!

And …. done.