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MusicalmusingsWell, I’ve made it to the weekend here on my Days of the Week in Song challenge given to me at last Sunday dinner by my father.

I have to say Christmas week is pretty crazy to begin with as a parent with young kids, so if I had to pick a week to post daily – well! Why not GO ALL IN!

There were a lot of possible choices for Saturday, but here’s mine:

Whigfield’s 1990s hit (first released in 1993 and re-released the following year to greater success) brings me back to getting ready for nights out on the town with my friends in university. Because, well, what else is Saturday night for?

Don’t believe everything Elton John tells you.

Oh! And the other fun thing I just learnt about this song?

There’s a coordinated dance!

Big in the UK and pre-dating the Macarena (you’re welcome for that link!), how big a deal was this dance, you ask?

Enough that there’s a formally produced retrospective documentary piece on it:

Dee Dee Da Da Da!