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MusicalmusingsSo here we are at Sunday. Our seventh day in the Days of the challenge my dad launched at me one week ago today.

Now Sunday, like Saturday, had a number of songs I could have chosen.

But so many of them on closer listen were really depressing.

And well, it’s Christmas! So I felt I couldn’t get too gloomy.

So where did I land?

Iggy Pop’s Sunday, from his Post Pop Depression album released in March 2016.

Yup. 2016. This is about as current as I get on the blog.

It’s Iggy Pop’s 17th studio album and produced by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

One article I read described this song as “a gift that we didn’t even know we wanted.”

So Merry Christmas!

A short sample:

The key to everything
I crawl for Sunday
When I don’t have to move
Caught up in dreams, untangled one day
Where I don’t have to prove
The days roll on and finally Sunday
A Sunday afternoon
I’ve got it all
And so what now?

I love Sundays. It’s the one day I get to sleep in. So I really DO crawl for Sunday. The one day where I don’t really have to move.

It felt pretty perfect.

But it being Christmas and all, I Googled Christmas AND Sunday.

And the Internet didn’t let me down.

Here’s the 12 Days of Christmas, a 2006 cover of said classic performed by the band Taking Back Sunday.

And with that – take back YOUR Sunday. Have a wonderful day and a very Merry Christmas!