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I fully blame my husband for Dora ever entering our house.

We had been pretty good in the first few years with our eldest re: no television. The guideline is no TV before age two.

Then my aunt gifted my daughter a Little Einsteins video …

… that drove my husband bonkers.

So one day, he put on Dora instead.

And five years later, she’s still hangin’ on.

My eldest has outgrown her. But my 4-year-old still sleeps with a Dora doll and pulls out the odd Dora book for nostalgia purposes every now and then.

In five-minutes, here’s all the Dora swag the girls and I managed to pull together for an impromptu photo shoot:


In case you missed it, they are all posed on a Dora chair.

And in case you are wondering, that little blond doll in the shot is an “honourary Dora”. She comes swimming with us and the other Dora dolls. Not as frequently as before, but once in a while when nostalgia hits she and her Dora friends still make their way into our swim bag.

I’ve blogged more about Dora helping my girls learn to swim over here. Among other useful things, the dollies are buoyant.

But focusing on Dora proper, the American television series Dora the Explorer began in 2000, was carried by Nickelodeon, and aired until 2006, but (clearly) still lives on!

The series centres on Dora, an American girl of Mexican heritage, who loves adventure. Each episode finds her questing for something with her sidekick Boots the monkey, equipped with her trusty purple backpack and map.

In 2009, Mattel and Nickelodeon announced a tween version of Dora, but neither of my daughters have really latched on to her and the Explorer Girls (her tween friends). So far the spin-off show Dora and Friends (2014), hasn’t really been of too much interest.

Overall? I’m a Dora fan. What’s to really dislike about a young girl who loves adventure and problem solves with the help of her friends while speaking two languages? Her books helped my kids love reading. Her dolls helped teach them to swim. And her bike helmet was with them when they learnt to ride a bike.

So, three cheers for Dora! Who is with me?