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No, not those sisters…

…but you knew we’d have to get to Anna and Elsa SOMETIME on an A to Z through my adventures with parenting young girls to date, right?

These ones:

My daughters! My blog muses! The ones who made me a mom and so made this A to Z series both possible and somewhat credible, now aged seven and four.

And see! I even managed to find a wintry themed picture in mild homage to those first two.

My eldest, who dressed up as Elsa for Halloween a couple of years ago (just like everybody Elsa!) would be proud.

That said, I’ve always been partial to this one:

I grew up with a brother – and we’re still close.

But raising sisters has been fun to watch.

My mom grew up with an older sister:

My grandmother with her two daughters – 1950s South Africa

And my sister-in-law – and Godmother to my eldest – is the eldest of three sisters.

Both talk about growing up with sisters enough for me to know it was a different experience than growing up with a brother.

I was hopeful when my husband and I had our daughters less than three years apart that they would grow up close.

I hope they will grow up knowing they always have their sister there to support them and that that helps them cement strong female friendships.

So far so good.

They play with each other and help each other out.

And my heart smiled when my eldest brought this cartoon series home from the school library:

I’ve mentioned our girls go to French school (dad’s French) so I’m always interested to find books and shows in French they will enjoy.

Currently my eldest is pretty enamoured with this comic series, created in 2006 by French comic writer William Maury. Here’s a bit more flavour:

Links to images

Les Sisters tells the day-to-day adventures of big sister Wendy and little sister Marine, inspired by the creators own daughters.

And given my eldest loves it, my youngest is now pretty interested too.

Care for a video?

There’s also a blog!

But getting back to my girls, all told I love the journey to date watching them grow up together and love that they are excited to learn about other sisters and their adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I need to leave you with just one more of my favourite photos of my two to date:

Princesses and Diamonds

Links to Flickr posting by the photographer.

I’ve told the story of this photo a few times on the blog. It was taken back in 2013 at Hog’s Back, which is a large park area in the middle of Ottawa with a waterfall in the centre of it. As we were leaving that day, a stranger came up to me to show me a picture he’d taken of my girls and offered to send it to me. At first, I felt a bit uncomfortable about the experience, but the following Monday, I got an email from Victor Deveau with this beautiful photo of my two girls, which he had titled Princesses and Diamonds.

It was a nice reminder that sometimes strangers are just kind.

And as for those two girls? Knowing how far they’ve come from that moment makes me wonder about what’s in store next!