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In addition to the deluge of rain this week, the ants are also back. We (thankfully) missed them last year. But apparently our home defences were simply no match for the damp of Ottawa Spring 2017 to date. So far just a few. And traps set. We’ll see where we’re at in a week. Fingers crossed…

Anyone else fighting this good fight?

Baby Gates Down

Who am I kidding?

When is there ever just ONE ant?

I stopped the bedtime routine abruptly – complete with half-naked toddler as I was en route for a Pull-up when I discovered said ant – and turned my attention to the hallway floor.

Sure enough.

I then saw a second.

And a third.

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I followed where they were coming from into the bathroom and found four more scurrying across the floor there.

I abruptly killed the seven found to date and continued my inspection. I lifted a towel left discarded from the floor and discovered a group of them lugging the remains of my kids Oreo snack from the previous night away in huge crumb size chunks back toward the floor boards and what I can only assume was about to be one hell of a buggy party complete with CAKE.

Richard Bernal Illustration - from the Publications International ,Ltd 1993  Sing- With- Me  The Ants Go Marching One By One Richard Bernal Illustration – from Publications International, Ltd 1993 Sing With…

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